This website is a service for determining how to best spend your money during eBay Bucks promotions, or on eBay in general, on precious metals.

An overview on eBay bucks can be found here, but the gist of it is you get eBay credit from buying qualifying products. You can earn up to $100 on a single purchase and up to $500 during a 3 month time period. The base earning percentage is 1%, but during promotions you can get up to 10% per purchase. For metals, only items listed under Coins qualify. If it is listed under Bullion then it does not qualify. To ensure you receive the promotional offers, make sure your account settings have email promotions enabled.

The items listed on this site qualify for eBay bucks as of the time of their submission. If you find that an item is no longer elligible, visit the item's page here and click the report button. If you find a new item that qualifies, you can visit the submission page and request that it be added.

Generally, gold items are your best choice during promotions. While there are silver options, they don't pay out as well.

**Spot prices are updated every minute, and item prices are updated every hour.

I hope the site is useful to you, and if you find any issues, do not hesitate to report them.